Off the Wagon

Okay so I’m kind of embarrassed to tell you guys this, since I just re-affirmed my commitment to my diet. It’s all about accountability though right? Hopefully owning up to what I did will reinforce my desire to do better in the future. And maybe you all will have some ideas for me?

I set out with a plan and good intentions yesterday. By mid-afternoon the plan was all shot to hell. First, I had an oatmeal cookie while we were watching the Grand Prix in the VIP tent, that I’m sure was worth at least 10 points. Then, when we got home I had forgotten we were going to go out for dinner. We had a girls’ night at Siren Hall, a nice restaurant in Elk Rapids. I had two small slices of bread and some whitefish and artichoke dip that we ordered as an appetizer. For my meal I had the Mahi Mahi tostadas, which were delicious but by no means healthy. I also had two glasses of prosecco with dinner.

I haven’t added up all the points yet, but I’m sure I basically ate all my WPs in one go. So what does that mean? This week I’m going to try my hardest to stay within my daily points since my WPs are, for all intents and purposes, gone.

I’ll be back later with my plan for today.



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