Now that we’re home…

Hey guys!Grand Traverse Bay

I’m finally getting settled back in at home now that we’re back from Michigan. I took Monday off to get everything in order at home, and since then I’ve been shadowing vets from the hospital and attending rounds.

Yesterday I went with one of the vets I worked with in Michigan out to see our patient who was trailered here from the show. She had fallen in the warm-up on Sunday and had a 3cm laceration on the back of her carpus (knee, in laymen’s terms) over her accessory carpal bone. At the show on Sunday we cleaned it, sutured the laceration, and applied a bandage. At our recheck yesterday the sutures looked good but she was extremely lame due to the pressure put on the area by the bandage (the accessory carpal bone can be a pressure point, so it was a difficult place to have a laceration). We left it unbandaged at this point and gave the mare bute for pain and inflammation.

After our calls I headed to Therio rounds. The theriogenologist is always pretty tough, so I had done some studying in preparation. We went over the hypothalamic-pituitary-gonadal axis, as well as some common male reproductive problems that we are likely to see or be asked about.

In other news, I have been working with my horses a lot since I have been back. I lunged Zoe yesterday, to get her back in the swing of things, and I rode her for the first time in a month (!!!!) today. I have to say, it was a bit like riding a wild animal. She definitely benefits from consistency and regular training. I took her to the farm next door so that I could use their ring, and a young girl was riding another young horse who was acting silly as well, so it wasn’t altogether the best situation for our first day back. We ended on a good note though and I expect she will be better tomorrow.

Teddy has had the most terrible case of rain rot while I was out of town. For those that don’t know, rain rot is a condition caused by a fungus (Dermatophilus congolensis) that causes crusting scabs, itching and hair loss. Needless to say, it looks terrible. I’ve been treating him with anti-fungal shampoo and I went and bought some anti-fungal spray today while I was between calls. I’ve also started him on the Platinum Performance wellness supplement, which is good for weight and coat, among other things. Since he is fairly skinny at the moment I am hoping that combining the supplement with extra feedings will get him looking better soon :(


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