Pure Barre Update and S4W


This morning I attended my second Pure Barre class. I have to say it went a bit better this time and I didn’t feel as awkward and uncomfortable (until I realized that I had grabbed one of each size dumbbell, meaning I had an unmatched set. Oops.)

Although I had my doubts about how effective the first class was, since I didn’t even know what I was doing half the time, I wound up being surprisingly sore yesterday. I was a little sore in my glutes and hamstrings, but I was predominantly sore around my ribcage. Breathing hurt. To be honest this was most of the reasoning behind my attending a second class.

The second class was very similar to the first. We had the same instructor, who is very nice if not entirely descriptive when it comes to movements. Most of the time there is someone to watch though. I think Pure Barre may actually be very beneficial to me, because it complements the other exercises that I do. Running and riding both consist of bent knees (i.e. tight hamstrings), bent arms, and a tendency to roll the shoulders forward. Neither sport is very conducive to flexibility. Pure Barre works my body in the opposite directions, correcting posture, stretching hamstrings and improving flexibility. I’m hoping that within a few more classes I will be able to tell if it is making a difference or not, and I can decide if I want to pay for a membership.

Anyway, enough of that. Here’s today’s plan:

5:30am Pure Barre Take 2 :)

Breakfast: 1/2c greek yogurt, 3/4c Nature’s Path flax flakes

Lunch: Hummus with baby carrots, 100cal pack almonds

Snacks: Banana, 1/2c oats, wheat thins, green olives

Dinner: Lean cuisine and skinny cow bar

Current weight: 146 lbs.
Goal weight: 126 lbs.
Days to wedding: 437


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