My first solo cases!

Last week was pretty slow after the craziness of pony finals.

I rode along with a few of the other doctors for their calls, and of course attended Therio rounds on Tuesday and Thursday. It’s kind of funny how your perspective changes once you’re out of school. For one, I love rounds. Now that I’m out practicing in the real world (as much as horse showing can be considered the real world, haha) I’m so terrified that I’m going to forget all the things I learned in school that I’m like, PLEASE teach me something! Anything! Make me a better, smarter vet!

I attended the $25K Hagyard Lexington Classic Grand Prix on Friday evening. It was supposed to be date night with my fiancé, but I needed to be at the Prix for work so we put date night off until Saturday evening. The Prix began at 7, the same time he was getting off work, so I wasn’t sure if he would make it or even want to come watch.

I always feel bad making him attend horse events since I think he could kind of not care less about them. He wound up showing up around 8, about halfway through, and watched the end of the Prix with me and my internmates. I did feel better about it because at one point he made the comment that he didn’t mind coming to these events since there is free dinner and beer :)

This weekend I had two show shifts, both 7:30am to noon. Saturday was pretty slow, all I had was a pony measurement. After my shift, I took one of the externs out to the barn and we hacked both horses for about an hour. It’s nice to have someone come out to the barn with me because we can get both horses done in half the time it would usually take me.

On Saturday evening we had our date night. My fiancé (in my head I call him the feefers. Is that ridiculous?) and I were so excited when we heard that Lexington has a Chuy’s, it made me miss Texas even more terribly than I already do. We started our meal with the usual:


A New Mexican martini for me, a Texas martini for him, and PLENTY of creamy jalapeño to dip our chips in. Good thing we only go out to eat once a week, otherwise I would be HUGE.

After dinner we went to see Elysium, the new movie with Matt Damon. I’m a huge Matt Damon fan so I didn’t mind that it wasn’t really my kind of movie (as in, it didn’t have fluffy animals or sappy romantic comedy). The feefers enjoyed it though :)

On Sunday morning I was up early for my shift at the good old KHP. I was surprised when I actually got called to see two good cases that morning. The first was a horse with a swollen hind leg. It was pretty hot, he was a bit lame and there was a pretty scurfy area on the plantarolateral aspect just above the fetlock. I treated it as a cellulitis, which we’ve seen quite a bit of recently. I started him on oxytetracycline, and asked the owner to poultice and wrap the leg, continue to exercise him to try to decrease the swelling, and to ice and cold hose the leg as she sees fit.

My second case was a mare with a fever of 104F and a swollen teat. I diagnosed a mastitis, which is odd in a show mare. It was also odd that she was so systemically ill (depressed, high fever, mildly dehydrated) for a primary unilateral mastitis. I ended up calling one of the medicine doctors at the hospital to discuss the case and ask their recommendations. I pulled blood on her for a CBC, fibrinogen and chemistry, and also managed to get a sample of her mammary fluid for culture. We had the results of the bloodwork back within an hour, and it actually didn’t look too bad so we went ahead and treated her with SMZs, banamine and stripping and hot packing her udder. She hasn’t had a fever since Sunday morning so I think she is going to be fine.

The only other big news I have is that we finally hung our pet silhouettes!




I’m really happy with how they turned out :)

Hope everyone had a good weekend and is ready to start the week!


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