Update! KY State Fair, Woodford Distillery, and the Keeneland yearling sale

Sorry sorry sorry!

I have been super lazy and haven’t updated my blog in a while. Here’s what’s been going on in our world.

For one, I found this gem of a photo hiding on the feefer’s computer:


It’s from our trip to NASA a few years ago. Love it!

I’ve been busy the last few weeks prepping yearlings for the September Keeneland sale (which started today!). We’ve taken lots of radiographs, done a lot of acupuncture, and taken a lot of blood from these babies. This week we’ll be working out at the sale, retaking radiographs that didn’t come out well the first time, and doing any last minute work the consigners need done.

A few weeks ago we were fortunate enough to have a Sunday off, so my fiance and I headed to Louisville for the Kentucky state fair. Our favorite part? These guys:


Sheep! In jousting outfits!

(Not really. I’m sure they’re just meant to keep them clean. Or warm. Or something.)

We also managed to stop by the Woodford Distillery for a tour on our way back from the fair.


So fun and such a pretty place. Definitely recommend it for anyone passing through Lexington :)

I’ve been spending a lot of time with these crazy kids:


I love them <3

As far as work’s concerned…

Today we went out to one of the thoroughbred farms to recheck a yearling who had bumped his eye, and also to look at a broodmare with laminitis. The eye was fine, but the mare looked awful. We recommended that she have some extra-special shoes put on, that her foal be weaned, and that she get a good bit of TLC since she definitely needs someone keep an eye on her.

Our second stop was to see a lame event horse owned by a college student on a budget. We went over her and then watched her jog, and she was definitely lame in the left front. I did a palmar digital nerve block on the left front, which improved her pretty significantly. She was now slightly lame in the right front. At this point we were suspicious that she has some form of navicular disease, since she was mildly lame in both front feet and she blocked to a PD.

Our suggestions for her were to take radiographs of the feet to see how her navicular bones looked. We also offered that she could skip the radiographs, hedge her bets, and have the mare re-shod under the assumption that her navicular bones are the issue. She chose the second option, keeping in mind that we didn’t diagnose the mare with navicular disease, just told her that odds were good that that was the problem.

On our way out of the barn, I had to hop out of the truck and take a picture of this:


How freaking cute is that?? I may have to use some old halters as decoration around this place…

Hope everyone had a good Monday!


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