Sheepies and Sweaty Faces!

Today I was free from the sale, so I went to appointments with a couple of the other doctors.

When I arrived at the clinic, the ladies in dispatch surprised me with my finished decorated blood tubes box! :)

Blood tubes box

I was so excited! Look at the sheepies!!!!

Anyways, we started our day at the clinic, where I was able to assist with some sacroiliac joint and epaxial muscle injections. I have scrubbed backs many times for doctors to do SI injections, but I haven’t ever actually done one myself. Another doctor ran the ultrasound machine today while I placed the needles and injected the drugs. It was pretty cool!

I couldn’t take a pic since I was wearing sterile gloves during the procedure, but here’s the gist of what we were doing:

SI injection

SI Ultrasound

SI injection 2

After the injections we headed out to the horse park to recheck a mare with an injured collateral ligament in her hock, and then we went to the handicapped riding center to do a mini prepurchase/lameness exam on a horse that they have on trial.

We finished up around lunch time today, so I headed home to grab some food. I was scheduled to meet up with another vet at 4pm at the sale, but things got switched around and she wound up not seeing those appointments. Since I was already in the car and about to head to Keeneland, I just turned around and headed to the grocery store instead.

I stocked up on a whole bunch of fresh fruits and veggies, in preparation for starting my new meal plan! I have signed up with an online personal trainer who is currently preparing a meal plan for me to follow along with a new workout schedule. I am super excited!

Here’s our newly filled fridge:

Clean eating fridge

(The pizza is for the feefers. And yes, that is a giant jug of salsa.)

After getting home and unloading groceries, I watched a couple of episodes of Once Upon a Time to kill time while waiting for my fiance to get home. He and I usually go running together once he’s off work, in preparation for the Bourbon Chase coming up in October. Lately he’s been getting off work later than usual, so we’ve missed our last couple of training runs. Tonight it was getting late and the weather was getting yucky, so instead of waiting I grabbed the pup and took her with me to do our scheduled 4.5 mile run. She can only handle about a 9.5-10 minute mile, so we were a bit slow but we got it done.

Happy sweaty faces!

Post run

She’s so cute <3

Hope everyone had a wonderful Wednesday!


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