Everybody’s working for the weekend

Do you ever go on those runs that hurt the entire time and you just want to quit? And then sometimes you have those runs where you feel better and better as the run goes on, and by the end you feel as if you could run forever?

Yesterday evening was the second of the two. My fiance and I had a 7 mile run scheduled, and when we started running I felt awful (my first mile always does). By mile 3 I had found steady state, where I felt neither good nor bad while running. Around mile 5-6 I started feeling awesome. Our first 6 miles were all completed at around a 9:05 pace, and mile 7 was run at 8:22, with me feeling like Superwoman. Or a Kenyan ;)

I must be getting fitter right?

On Saturday I worked the Horses and Hope trail ride, along with my copilot:


We were both ready for a day of people watching, Grey’s Anatomy watching, and football game watching! We hung out at the horse park until about 3pm, waiting for someone to need a vet (no one did). I watched Grey’s Anatomy on Netflix to pass the time, since apparently I missed it the first time around. The little one took a nap:

Nap time

After the trail ride, we headed home to watch the Texas A&M vs. Alabama football game. I have to say, I was really afraid we were going to get crushed but fortunately we managed to pull off a pretty commendable loss.

On Sunday I was back out at the Keeneland sale, working on the radiology team. We retook stifle rads on one horse, and then were called out to help a clinician with scopes and draw bloods for EVA testing. I had a good time running around with him since he’s also a Texas A&M grad :)

I also learned how to needlepoint on Sunday while sitting out at the sale. One of the field interns learned recently, so she taught me. We’re both making needlepoint belts and I will definitely post updates as it comes along!

If you don’t know what a needlepoint belt looks like, here are some examples:


Needlepoint belts

This morning I went out with another intern to practice injecting the hocks on her horse. She did one hock and I did the other, and one of the sport horse doctors assisted us. I had pretty good luck with the injections today, but I think it’s going to be a long time before I’m 100% confident. Afterwards I headed back to the clinic to assist a field doctor with scoping a mare’s uterus. She had aborted her foal this year, and the owners wanted answers. Unfortunately for us the mare is a total cow and wanted to kick the snot out of everyone. We sedated her with enough drugs to have any other horse on the ground, and she was still twitchy and thinking about kicking. Since therio is currently short a technician, I had to hold the mare during the procedure so I didn’t actually get to see much. It was still a good opportunity to meet and talk to some doctors that I hadn’t met yet, so I felt like it was worthwhile.

Now I’m home for the evening, and I just got my strength training done from my new workout program. I also took some “before” progress pictures for my coach, but I’m not sure I’ll be posting them here… maybe I will once I have some good “after” pictures to go along with them. I’m ready to go make a healthy dinner, work on my needlepoint and relax with my fiance and the puppers!

Hope everyone had a great Monday!



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