DIY Racehorse Costume for Dogs

For this Halloween I decided to make our own costumes for our dogs (okay I’ll be honest, Target’s pet section was sold out the night before Halloween).

I thought it would be fitting, considering our recent move to Lexington, to dress them as racehorses this year. The dogs might not be super thrilled, but the costumes came out really cute and got tons of comments and pictures taken!




To make your own racehorse, head to your nearest Hobby Lobby, Michaels, or other craft store. You will need to purchase:

– 1 yard of white jersey fabric
– Black fabric paint (I used Tulip brand)
– Sponge brushes for painting the fabric
– Thick black yarn
– Red flower garland

Alternatively you could buy small roses and string them together, it was cheaper and easier for me to just buy a small garland.

I used vet wrap from my vet truck to wrap the dogs’ legs. You can use fabric or ribbon, or leave this part out completely.

I put the jersey fabric on top of a trash bag to protect my table (the paint WILL bleed through) and sketched a saddle with stirrups and a number on each side using the paint and sponge brushes. Then I carefully laid the fabric over the dog kennels to dry (so the fabric could air dry on both sides).


I let the fabric dry overnight, but it really should have been dry within a few hours.

Next I cut small holes inside the stirrups and in the front edge of the fabric and tied one piece of yarn through the holes in the stirrups and under their bellies. I tied a second piece of yarn around their chests and through the holes in the front edges of the fabric to keep the “saddles” from slipping back.

I doubled the garlands up to make them wider, and knotted them under the dogs’ necks. I also made tiny bridles with yarn by wrapping it over their noses and then tying it behind their ears.


Voila! Racehorse costume for under $20! Enjoy! :)


3 thoughts on “DIY Racehorse Costume for Dogs

  1. First off I love this picture, really cracks me up! I’m about to torture my crew with christmas images.

    Weird question from a follower… just saw your handle in the reader after I signed in and thought, why not ask? :)

    What type of stethoscope do you recommend for dogs/cats?

    I was going to get a cheap one, but have legitimate reason for needing a good one. Been told the dual tubes are better than the cheap single brands – also that Littman Classic II SE are better than the dual… but that was for people – not pets.

    So I come to you to ask your opinion. What do you suggest?

    My doberman pups mum was diagnosed with DCM last month, after passing the halter test three times (in six month intervals) prior. She’s going to be spayed and all her pups have mandatory spay/neuter demands now. I will also start testing her for DCM at least once a year starting at two years (as recommended by her breeder), if she does get this I want to catch it early. It’s 50/50 chance in the doberman I have read. Won’t hurt to listen to her heart now and then at home either, even though I know its caught mostly with the 24 hour halter. My other animals can benefit from my having a home steth too – and my mum has a heart history.

    Okay that was probably way too much info, lol. Sift and dismiss at will. :D I love my furbabies (and mum *grin*) and just want to look out for them.

    • So… To answer your first question I have a Littmann Cardiology III, which has an adult and pediatric diaphragm that spins. I like it better than any other stethoscope I have used, and it works on everything from tiny kitties to horses. I used it all through vet school and still have it on my vet truck now.
      As for the DCM, usually it’s best diagnosed (and diagnosed earliest) with an echocardiogram. An exam would be recommended annually, and if there are any signs of DCM they would need to be seen every six months or more frequently as needed to assess their status.
      Hope this helps.

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