In my spare time…

Today has been super slow on medicine.

One of my patients went home yesterday, and my other patient was scheduled to go home this morning. She wasn’t picked up until almost 3pm, but at least she’s out of the hospital. I always feel like as soon as they’re well I want to throw them out before something bad happens to them again! There’s a fine line between sending them home so early that you’re up all night thinking they might come back, and keeping them so long that they have time to come down with something else!

I’m sure they would have acquired the second problem (or third or fourth or fifth) regardless, but I’m always happy to see patients go home healthy and stay home healthy :)

I met another little rescued kiddo today:


One of my internmates found her on the road yesterday and is currently trying to re-home her. Anyone want a kitten???

Otherwise it’s been pretty quiet, just spent yesterday getting my life in order. I made Christmas gifts for everyone at the hospital (let’s be honest, I did have a semi-ulterior motive of trying to encourage warm fuzzy feelings about me) yesterday afternoon. I bought some tiny mason jars and filled them full of peppermint puppy chow (recipe here). I decorated them with bows and snuck around to drop them off before anyone got to work this morning.

I also made a few super delicious recipes after going grocery shopping yesterday. The first was “Texas chili”, which I have to say, as a Texan, wasn’t what I would consider to be classic chili. It was delicious though. I also made spinach dip with Greek yogurt, which is one of my favorite super easy recipes. I’m looking forward to having both of those for dinner when I get home tonight!

Texas chili recipe
Light spinach dip recipe

One last thing, if you’ve stuck with me this long today, I am currently working on a surprise Christmas present for my parents. They run our ranch in addition to their regular jobs, and their website hadn’t been updated in years. For Christmas I have redone their website completely (I needed some info from them so they think I’m updating their old site). I started from scratch using a different website builder (Weebly, love it!!!). If you have moment, please check out their new site and let me know if you have any suggestions or improvements before its big reveal on Christmas!


Tailwind Ranch

Have a great afternoon!


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