Welcome to California, Part I

I’ve been in sunny California for two weeks now!


Two weeks ago, I packed up basically all of my clothing for my two month stay in La Quinta, CA. My pups were not happy to see me go.


Since I am the only veterinarian who was driving to California from Kentucky, I wound up taking all of the equipment in the car with me. My little Volvo was packed to the ceiling. Here’s the backseat before we put our personal luggage in:


And the trunk:


Including my friend’s luggage we were bursting at the seams!

We had a pretty awesome time on our road trip to Cali. Our first day was pretty long, since we wanted to make it to my parents’ house in Texas. We ate dinner with my family and slept at the ranch the first night. Our second day was a little shorter, we decided to just see how far we could make it. We stopped in El Paso overnight, which was a little bit shady I have to say. We did see these cute little guys along the road though:


The third day on the road we decided to take a detour to see the Grand Canyon. We stopped in a hotel 6 miles from the South Rim on our third night. It was pretty darn fancy (thanks Orbitz!).


We got in around 7pm and decided to check out the local Mexican cuisine. I approved of their margaritas (which were as big as my face!) and the rest of the food was pretty good too ;)


The next morning we got up early and headed to the rim. My friend and fellow road tripper, Hannah, had never been to the canyon before so she was pretty excited. We took a bunch of photos and walked a couple of miles along the edge. Since it’s the off season there weren’t many people around and we had a really good time.



After seeing the canyon we got back on the road for the final 6 hours of our 2100+ mile journey. We were so excited to see our home for the next two months!




It’s so cute! My room isn’t too shabby either.



We’re getting busy so I’ll leave it at that for now but I’ll be back with another California update in a little bit!


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