Off week at HITS Thermal

It’s off week here at the HITS Thermal horse show!

That means most of the horses and riders have gone home, and our schedules are very light! I don’t think we’ve seen more than a handful of patients the last couple days.

I did meet the cutest pony ever a few days ago:


He was adorable. Look at those tiny ears! On top of that they also refer to him as Grandpa because he’s 19 years old. Can I have him please?? :)

We’ve also seen some more strange characters wandering around the show grounds, including this Mo-huahua:



Last Saturday night was the SVS Sport Horse Auction, where approximately 25 horses were auctioned off from various hunter/jumper farms. We didn’t have much to do with the actual auction itself, but we did have one set of pre-sale radiographs to take for a late addition to the sale, and a “post-purchase” exam after the sale.

To kick things off, this little guy was auctioned first for charity:


He went for $5,500!

The rest of the sale went pretty slowly, with only 8 of the horses actually selling during the auction.

Since this week has been so slow, I’ve been spending a lot of time on wedding planning and spying on my pets back home. My fiancé got a camera for Christmas that he hung in our house so that we can watch our pets during the day. They get up to some crazy stuff:




(It has night vision.)

Jordan also tries to be funny when he sees me moving the camera around remotely.


I can tell my cat is thrilled.

He also likes to send me pictures showing how much my pets don’t miss me. This one was from last night when apparently everyone got in the bed.


That’s about all I’ve got today! Hope everyone is having a great week!


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