My First StitchFix!

Okay guys, I bit the bullet and signed up for StitchFix. If you don’t know what that is, StitchFix is a company that takes your clothing preferences and sizes and sends you five items of clothing every month, or as often as you like. You are not obligated to buy any of the items, and it only costs $20 to order a box. The items you don’t want to keep are sent back in a prepaid envelope and the $20 can go towards your purchase.
So, I need help. What do I keep???

The first item is a pair of trouser jeans:



They’re a great color, super stretchy and they fit really well in size and length. The downside is they are $88 (more than I usually pay for jeans, but probably a reasonable price), and the back pockets are doing something weird on my butt. I personally don’t think the back pockets are very flattering on me… I think they’re too small? Maybe?

The next item is a striped tan and cream vest. I LOVE this vest. It reminds me of something Coach would make, and it is something I could wear for work (I wear a lot of vests).


This piece is $78, again, probably more than I would spend in a store, but a fair price for the quality I think. The main problem I have with the vest is that it is a bit too big and boxy on me, I think I actually need a small in this one. Since I’m new to this whole StitchFix thing, I don’t know if you can make exchanges for different sizes. It’s a bummer because I do really like this vest :(

The third piece is a blouse.



HATE it. I don’t think the fit does anything for me, and the print reminds me of something out of the 70s. The whole shirt together kind of reminds me of a jester’s hat with the color blocking for some reason… Anyway, needless to say this is going back.


The fourth piece is this cheetah print cardigan. Even though it’s a LOT of cheetah, I really do like it. I like the long length and the sleeves are actually long enough on me. My only issue with this piece is that I don’t think it looks as good in the pictures as it felt when it was on? What do you guys think?


The last piece is this super cute chevron infinity scarf.


I’m keeping this one for sure. I’ve been looking for a scarf just like it, so when it showed up in my StitchFix box I was really excited.

Okay, so I need your help! Which pieces look the best? Do you agree with the ones I like? What should go back? >


3 thoughts on “My First StitchFix!

  1. I like the trousers and the scarf best. The pants look like they would be very professional, but the pics aren’t showing the pockets so that would be a judgment call on those. I don’t personally like the vest, but if you like it and you wear a lot of vests then it might be a good investment (no pun intended, i promise) for you to keep it. I would think you can exchange things if you want them but they don’t fit. What would be the point, otherwise? I would look into that further. I would also send both the tops back. I’m gonna have to go research this StitchFix idea. I’ve never heard of it but it sounds fun. Good luck!

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