Cue the Jeopardy Music

The last few days have been pretty unexciting.

Our appointments are slow due to the cold weather, although our emergencies have been steady as ever. On Monday morning I ran up to McKinney and flushed out a mare with a pyometra (infection/pus in her uterus). Oh the glorious job I have. Everyone walking by was asking, “Whatcha doing? You’ve got your arm WHERE?” It was great, really.

Have I mentioned that repro is not my favorite?

Later that day I radiographed a horse’s teeth, I have also done an emergency health certificate and talked down a girl with a pregnant mare showing signs of discomfort 4 months before her due date (who may not even be pregnant, but that’s another story).

Today I had a full day of appointments, but all of them were little piddly things. I gave an allergy shot this morning, wrote three health certificates at noon, checked an old wound, and was called for an emergency laceration this evening. I thought the laceration might be exciting since I was told it was an eyelid, but when I arrived the horse had an inch-long gash above one eye that only required two stitches.

When I finished with the emergency I headed to the gym to pound out three miles on the treadmill before heading home. I’ve made a New Year’s Resolution to run a second marathon this year, and my training officially started this week. I honestly can’t wait, the best I’ve ever felt was when I was marathon training four years ago.

Just a quick update tonight, since there’s not much going on and I’m trying to get to bed early! Off to snuggle with these girls!

Reese & Penny


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