MLK Festival, My Red-Headed Stepchild, and an Eyeball

Yesterday was another slow day for appointments. I did have a strange phone call, requesting that I check coggins, health certs, and soundness prior to horses beginning the Martin Luther King Day Parade and Festival at Fair Park in downtown Dallas. I was happy to get the call, and to help out, but I have no idea how they got my phone number. They were asking for me by my maiden name too, and everyone through my practice knows me by my married name, so maybe one of my classmates referred me?

I managed to get out to my own barn last night and ride Zoe. It was my first ride in my dressage saddle since I had it refitted and re-flocked. I keep joking that she’s no longer the red-headed stepchild now that she’s my only horse. She also got what was probably the worst clip job in history. I have been meaning to clip her for months now since she got really shaggy this winter, and I finally clipped her yesterday. Just the teeniest of trace clips, taking the hair off of her throat, lower neck, chest and belly. It needs some touching up, but she was losing her patience toward the end so I called it a day. I also learned I can’t clip a straight line to save my life… it’s a functional clip if nothing else.

2153925_origZoe also had to have a shoe tacked on yesterday since she lost it out in the field. I usually wouldn’t stress about it, but we’re supposed to go to our first cross country schooling of the year next weekend. I’m excited to get her out and doing things again.

Yesterday I also managed to get in my third three-miler this week, and I had one of those “I can do this” moments when I realized my first week of marathon training was almost over. Yes, I do have 38 weeks to go, but I also haven’t been running much, I’ve been doing other types of workouts like Insanity and lifting weights. I need to re-train my muscles and build up a base again before true marathon training starts at 18 weeks out. I’m shooting for the Tyler Texas Rose Marathon in October (it’s actually on our first anniversary) as my second marathon.

As I finished up at the barn I received a phone call for a facial laceration, very similar to the one I stitched up on Wednesday night, only about 10x worse. Here was the picture I received from the client:


Looking at this photo, I texted the client back and said we really needed to take a good look at that eye. It looks like the eye was completely affected. The second photo I was sent was slightly better.

IMG_1538This was more true to what I actually saw when I arrived. He had a laceration over the entire top section of the orbit, with a lot of retrobulbar tissue exposed. As I investigated the wound I also noted that he had several chips out of the rim of the orbit that were still hanging by connective tissue. I removed all of the loose bone that I could find, hopefully preventing a sequestrum, before closing the wound. It took two packs of suture and about 20 sutures, but it closed up fairly nicely and should heal well. The eye itself was fine, and I told the clients they were extremely lucky that the eye was not damaged.

That’s it for today! I went home last night and immediately crashed in bed, despite the energy drink I had on the way to my emergency.


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