Goals for 2015

Okay guys, I’m finally sitting down, committing to it, and getting it out on paper (sort of)… my goals for the new year.

Here they are, in no particular order (basically the order they pop into my brain):

Run a second marathon.

Medals with Charms_0005_Ribbon 150-Tyler Rose-s

I have tentatively set this to be the Tyler Rose Marathon on October 11, 2015. That means I have roughly 38 weeks left to train, which should be PLENTY of time to get my mileage up. I completed my first week of training this past week, and it was surprisingly easy considering I haven’t been running much lately, in favor of other cardio-intense workouts (Insanity) and weight lifting. My first week consisted of three 3-mile runs and one 6 miler. My official training will begin 18 weeks out, you can see the plan I will be following here.

Lose 30 pounds.

4da0f1824e48398406599b8c46131e42(I mean, who doesn’t want their ass to look like that?)

Losing weight has always been a goal of mine, but this goal has a fairly specific time frame. I am trying to lose the weight by the time I am in my cousin’s wedding, on June 6, 2015.

Compete on my horse this year.

I am well on my way with this one, we are going to our first XC schooling of the year next weekend, and then hopefully try for a schooling show in February.

Those are the big three, my other goals are more nebulous. They are along the lines of “be more positive!” and “be more grateful for what you have!” Sappy things like that :)

That is all for now!


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