Manic Monday

Yesterday was a mess.

My first appointment, working at the local MLK day parade cancelled, because apparently no horses showed up for inspection.

Instead, I met my boss at a local barn, ostensibly to exchange equipment and recheck the eye I have been treating for the past few days. I wound up helping out with the work that needed to be done.

First, I worked on a horse that was recently sent to the local imaging center for diagnostic radiographs of her cervical spine. She was diagnosed by the radiologist with severe arthritic changes on her C6-C7 articular facet. Using an ultrasound-guided technique, I injected the mare’s articular facets on each side of her neck, using a combination of corticosteroids, anti-inflammatories, and antibiotics. The mare will be rested for the next two weeks and then re-evaluated at that time.

Next I rechecked my corneal ulcer patient, whose progress I am thrilled with. Even though he is a bit of a terror to treat, we have managed to shrink his ulcer by about 50% in the past two days of therapy.


(You can just make out the cloudy spot in the center of his cornea, thanks to a handy dandy Instagram filter.)

Then I ran off to Keller, to look at a lameness for a bit of a high maintenance client.


Her horse very likely has a hoof abscess, since desensitizing his entire hoof made him sound. However, when I examined the hoof with my hoof testers and hoof knife I was unable to find any areas of sensitivity or suspicious tracts. I left them with strict instructions to call if he does not improve with our standard hoof abscess regimen in 4-7 days.

After that appointment I was due to head to Aledo, an hour from my current location, but my boss needed me to bring him the X-ray machine up in Prosper, almost 45 minutes the wrong direction.

I raced to get the machine to him, but the delay and traffic made me almost 2 hours late to my final appointment. I always feel terrible for the clients, for making them wait, although I do always update them and try to give them the best estimate of my ETA. As the low man on the totem pole this unfortunately happens more than I would like.

After my last appointment I raced to get my baby girl to her Monday night puppy class.


We were only about 15 minutes late. (Have I mentioned I HATE being late?)

My pup was totally not feeling class last night, and I have to say that my mood wasn’t exactly stellar either. She was totally uninterested in the four types of treats I had brought with us (deli turkey, chicken and liver dog treats, and cat treats) and just wanted to play with the other dogs. It didn’t help my attitude at all when the class leader called her a “nutcase”. Excuse me, I don’t think that is EVER appropriate in a training class, especially considering that at 5 months old she was deemed too old to be put in the actual puppy kindergarten class and had to go into the big dog training class offered by this club. She is the youngest dog in the class by several years, the only little baby, and she has less than half the attention span of the other dogs. Maybe I was just in a bad mood, but it really rubbed me the wrong way.

After puppy class I headed home, grabbed a quick microwave dinner and collapsed in bed. Hope everyone else had a quieter, calmer Monday than I did!


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