What Day is it? It’s Hump Day!!

Today has been a pretty uneventful, if slightly frustrating, day.

This morning I drove to Ft. Worth to float teeth and vaccinate a few horses. That took a few hours, and by the time I was headed back toward Dallas I had received an emergency call about a laceration needing sutures. I ran over to that barn and examined the pony. She had a tiny laceration over the dorsal aspect (front) of her right hind fetlock joint. Due to the proximity to the joint, I went ahead and injected the fetlock with antibiotics just to be safe. We also started her on systemic antibiotics. I sutured the wound (it only took two) and then headed up to Aubrey, a solid hour’s drive.

This last call was just to drop off some antibiotics, and is my least favorite task. I really hate the fact that my practice thinks it is okay to drive 2+ hours to drop off $20 worth of medication, and not even charge a farm call or delivery fee. I am trying to change this policy. Sure, if we have the meds couriered over by our technician, maybe we don’t need to charge extra. But in my opinion if you want a doctor to act as a delivery man for your medications, and can’t be bothered to actually pay for an exam, you probably should pay a delivery fee.

After work I headed to the gym and got in a quick workout before running some errands. I have volunteered to host a birthday party for my mom at our house this weekend, in part to kick our butts into gear to finish up some housework we need to get done. We are currently re-doing the kitchen and all of our cabinet doors are off, waiting to be sanded and repainted. Hopefully we will find time to get it done!

I am also painting a new picture for my mom for her birthday, so hopefully I will be better with my picture-taking of the process and I can post a more descriptive how-to for you guys!

I’m trying to make sleep a priority, so it’s off to early bed for me!


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