Not Enough Hours in the Day

I have so many things to get done before Sunday evening!

I started working on my mom’s birthday present (full post to come). Unfortunately due to my inept paint mixing skills, I need to run to the craft store and buy more paint in colors closer to what I need. The basic outline is done though, so at least I’m partway there.

I also need to finish painting the fireplace, it has been an enormously painful task, and I will be SO HAPPY when it is finished. Other house things to get done:

– Clean all the things (it never ends)
– Re-paint the kitchen cabinets
– Hang the cabinet doors with new hinges and handles/knobs
– Paint the laundry area
– Hang paintings/artwork to make house look better
– Buy flowers for vase

I’m also debating about buying some pillows and decorative things for the house… I know my husband doesn’t think I should since we’re not intending to live here for long, but if I buy stuff we like there’s no reason it can’t come with us…

I also need to make a menu for the birthday party Sunday. I’m cooking most of the food, so I’ve got to figure out something easy to cook for a party of 7. Any ideas?

I’m off to see a horse with a chronic “cold”, I’ll see what we find and report back if it’s interesting :)



(Teddy, my favorite boy, at a show in 2008.)


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