Totes Ma Goats

Aaaahhh! You guys! My afternoon call turned out to be exciting after all, and not because of the case in any way, shape, or form. I got out of the truck and saw this running around the yard:


I instantly reverted to the level of a toddler, squealing with excitement. I’m pretty sure I was running after them like this:


Oh, and did I mention there were FOUR of them?



These little guys are two week old Pygmy goats, and they weigh less than 5 pounds each, about the size of a Yorkie or large Chihuahua.

I. Was. Dying.

They are so stinking cute. I already told the owner that I will be stealing one the second we have a piece of property that they can live on. I also smelled like goat for the rest of the day (they are literally stinking cute), but it was totally worth it since I got to hug one. 😍😍😍

The case I looked at was not nearly as exciting as the goats. This little mare has been sick with a “cold” for over a month now, and is having some nasal discharge when exercised. She also has a moderate cough. Rebreathing and ausculting her lung fields and trachea produced some coughing, and the harsh sounds were definitely upper respiratory. She was not running a fever.

Due to the fact that this little mare has been exposed to horses with current strangles (Strep equi) infections, this is definitely at the top of my list even though she is fully vaccinated. We went ahead and submitted a culture and sensitivity on some of the nasal discharge so that hopefully we can figure out what kind of bug is causing her illness. I started her on antibiotics and we will make changes if necessary when we get the sensitivity results back.

After my final afternoon call, I hit the gym for a quick workout, and then picked up those extra paint colors I mentioned earlier. Things went a lot smoother with the proper colors.

I also stopped by my husband’s clinic to say hi since I was in the area and he is currently on the afternoon/evening shift. We still aren’t seeing much of each other when we’re not sleeping. I was wearing my “I just worked out but I’m on call” look:


I love to embarrass him :)

Hope everyone else had a good evening!


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