TGIF and a Teaser

Whoo it’s been crazy around here!

Yesterday I had a full morning of appointments. My first was a recheck of a laceration and lameness on a lovely CCI** horse, who was very recently purchased for an up and coming young rider. They are VERY excited about him, and unfortunately he cut himself in the pasture last week so we’ve been extremely careful and proactive to try to prevent it from being a huge problem.

When I looked at him earlier in the week he was very mildly lame, and I could make him slightly worse with an upper limb flexion. Yesterday he was still just slightly unlevel baseline, but did not change with the flexion, which is a positive sign. I radiographed the area around the wound, and he does have a mild periosteal reaction at the level of the laceration. Per my boss’s instructions we infused the area locally with steroids and an antibiotic to calm it down. I will be rechecking him Wednesday morning to give them the all-clear for their event next weekend, which I will be at as well. They plan to take it easy with him so hopefully we can get it under control and prevent a major setback.

I also saw a horse for coggins and joint supplement injection, and then removed sutures on a post-op enucleation.

After my morning appointments I received a message that a group of the puppies I bred were going to the park, so I ran and grabbed the girls and we met everyone for a quick hike!






Five of my babies showed up! I was so excited to see them all, they are 6 1/2 months old now! Reese liked seeing her babies too :)

Afterwards my girls were wiped out.


They are so cute together.

After we got home, I put the girls in their kennels for a nap while I worked on my mom’s birthday present. I spent about 3 hours on it, and made some pretty good progress.

*Spoiler Alert*
I am going to do a full post on this when I get finished, hopefully today! I can’t stand waiting though, so here’s a quick teaser :)


The horns are my favorite part! I can’t wait to be finished and see my mom’s reaction!

Back to work, hope everyone has a great weekend! (P.S. I’ve already pulled a tooth this morning, what have YOU done?)


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