Home Makeover and House Party

Hey guys! So I mentioned in my huge update last month that I have been working on the house that we’re currently living in.

The real story is that we are currently living in my grandparents’ house, the house my mom grew up in. In exchange for free rent (we are paying utilities, taxes, and insurance costs), we are attempting to fix the place up in our free time.

1959: The year the house was born

Williams Photos - September 1959

1991: 32 years later… the bushes are bigger and they added some shutters, but basically the same.

1991_04_Larry & Gladys 19

2014: The first change I made to the house was painting the front door. I also added some cushions to the swing.


And you know we had to put up our flag to represent.


I found this beautiful little rose growing next to our gas lamp one day.


We also built a gate as one of our first orders of business so that the dogs could have the run of the backyard. It’s also good for privacy. I was pretty proud of our building skills, although it is a little crooked :)


Ok, so here is the best “before” picture of the living room that I have, circa 1985.

Larry & Gladys 18And here’s the “after” picture. We painted all of the paneling an off white, replaced the light fixtures, and painted the fireplace.


From the other angles:

IMG_1639IMG_1640I couldn’t find other good “before” pictures of the rest of the house, but here are the other updates we’ve done.

We repainted the front room:


We ripped out all the wallpaper and repainted the kitchen. (Excuse the cabinets, they are a work in progress.)

IMG_1638IMG_1656The rest of the house is still in various states of updating, but I will keep you guys posted as to how it’s going.

On Sunday night we celebrated my mom’s birthday with a dinner party for my immediate family and my aunt. I gave my mom her cow painting, and we had Mexican casserole that I made from this Weight Watcher’s recipe. It’s one of the few recipes my husband will let me repeat on a regular basis, and one of even fewer that he will actually eat leftovers from.

Here are photos of the house pre-party, using all of our new servingware from our wedding registry :)



IMG_1658That’s it for now! More to come later and some exciting (sort of) updates with social media!


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